Street This is the software portal of ContaCam and FreeVimager. ContaCam is a Free Video Surveillance software and Live Webcam solution for Windows. FreeVimager is a Free Image Viewer and Editor for Windows. The focus of our open source products is stability and reliability. We want that the offered software work well and do what's said.

All the programs are written for Windows operating systems, there are no plans to port them to other systems or to mobile phones, but they work with Wine on Linux and with Wine on Mac and natively also on ReactOS.

If you are satisfied and want to help improve or motivate the development you can Donate Button to the projects.

ContaCam 7.0.0 beta with RTSP support!!HD VideoH.264 Video

  • RTSP/H.264 HD network cameras are now working in latest beta (see beta under Download). We would be glad if you could support the development with a Donate Button, telling us whether your camera is listed in ContaCam Capture - Network dialog and working (if it's not the case we are happy to support also your maker/model)
  • Freeware software which can be downloaded from here
  • CCTV Security Surveillance with motion detection and 24 hours digital video recording (DVR)
  • Supports Webcams, WDM and DV devices and Network cameras (IP cameras)
  • Motion events presented as animated thumbnails in web browser, check the street demo and the home demo
  • Live webcam with possibility of history tracking, see this live demo and select a past day
  • Integrated web server (internet or intranet)


FreeVimagerFreeVimager 5.5.0

  • Freeware software which can be downloaded from here
  • View and Edit graphics file of type: jpeg, bmp, gif, tiff (multi-page), png, pcx and emf
  • Save As Pdf command
  • The executable only version stores the settings to a INI file
  • EXIF, IPTC and XMP support
  • Batch Processing