ContaCam - Video Surveillance software


This Free Video Surveillance and Live Webcam software for Windows is extremely easy on system resources, and does not contain unnecessary bloat. It is fast, light, and versatile enough to meet all your security needs while still being very user friendly and able to run on even the most moderate systems.

Only three easy steps are necessary to setup a camera:

  1. Decide for the usage (security surveillance, live snapshot webcam or manual records / snapshots)
  2. Enter a friendly camera name, choose the web appearance & language
    (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Russian, Slovak, Czech, Dutch, Bulgarian, Polish)
  3. Configure how long to keep the files on your hard disk

Take a look at the Camera Basic Settings screenshot. For the experts there are dozens of additional configuration options, check these screenshots.

With Version 4.9.9 (November 3rd 2014) Image

  • Security note of Wednesday, September 24, 2014: ContaCam is NOT AFFECTED by the Shellshock vulnerability because it runs the apache web server on Windows operating systems which have no bash shell
  • HomeThis is a stable release, download it from here
  • Possibility to configure Recording Segments of 15 min. and 30 min. (if upgrading please check/fix the recording segments under Camera Advanced Settings - General tab)
  • In email configuration dialog it's now possible to setup a personalized subject line with insertion of variables
  • Improved detection zones editing tool
  • Dropped DirectX (IDirectDraw7) drawing support because it is obsolete and poses stability and in some cases even memory leaks problems on Windows 8/8.1
  • Added unicode support to ContaCamService console
  • Fixed NV12 and NV21 support for some video resolutions
  • Attention: with version 4.3.0 we removed UDP networking because it was ContaCam's proprietary streaming protocol not compatible with any current standard (it's still possible to stream a video source through the web server, see this FAQ entry)
  • See the full ChangeLog


  • Supported from Windows XP SP2 up to Windows 8.1
  • The program is freeware and available in the following languages: English, Bulgarian, German, Italian and Russian
  • CCTV Security Surveillance with motion detection and 24 hours digital video recording (DVR)ContaCam
  • Motion detection events presented as animated thumbnails in web browser, check the street demo and the home demo
  • Motion detection actions like FTP upload, send email (SSL/TLS or STARTTLS support) with attached movement file or run an external program
  • Live webcam with possibility of history tracking, see this live demo and select a past day
  • Manual records and snapshots (video game captures, movie recording, ...)
  • Integrated web server with password protection (internet or intranet)
  • Supported are Webcams, WDM and DV devices and MJPEG Network cameras (IP cameras)
  • Remote watching by enabling port forwarding or using Dropbox
  • Unlimited parallel cameras setup
  • Can be started as a Windows Service
  • Audio storing for 24 hours recording and on detection (no audio support for IP cameras)
  • Has all the FreeVimager features for snapshots editing and avi files recompression