Under Global Settings it's possible to protect all cameras with a global username and password.

With manual file editing it's also possible to protect individual cameras with a private username and password:

  1. The files to be edited can be located through ContaCam's Settings - Browse Config/Log Files menu entry.
  2. Go to ContaCam's Global Settings and enter a unique Area Name, User Name and Password for your private camera. Check Secure Authentication, press Ok. Make a copy of httpd_pw.txt and rename it to httpd_pw_cameraname.txt.
  3. Go to ContaCam's Global Settings and restore your previous security settings. Press Ok.
  4. Open httpd_conf_editable.txt with notepad and paste the following text into it:
    <Location "/CAMERA_NAME/">
    AuthType Digest
    AuthDigestDomain "/CAMERA_NAME/"
    AuthDigestFile "PASSWORDFILE_PATH"
    AuthName "AREANAME"
    Require valid-user
  5. In the pasted text replace:
    • CAMERA_NAME with your camera name configured in Camera Basic Settings dialog.
    • PASSWORDFILE_PATH with the path of the above created httpd_pw_cameraname.txt file (please include the full path with extension).
    • AREANAME with the chosen Area Name.
  6. Save httpd_conf_editable.txt and restart ContaCam.


  • Repeat 1. - 6. for each private camera using a different name for the httpd_pw_cameraname.txt file and a different Area Name.
  • httpd_conf_editable.txt survives ContaCam's updates.