A. ContaCam is not supporting RTSP (H264 or MPEG4) directly, but it can be configured to use VLC to convert the RTSP camera feed into a ContaCam compatible multipart MJPEG stream.

  1. Download and install the 32 bit version of VLC (DO NOT use the 64 bit version and DO NOT use version 2.2.x, install version 2.1.5 or 2.0.8)
  2. Disable automatic update in VLC menu Tools - Preferences - Interface - Privacy / Network Interaction - uncheck "Activate updates notifier"
  3. Edit the vlm_conf.txt file accessible through ContaCam's Settings - Browse Config/Log Files menu entry (remember to remove the four leading # comment characters, leaving the one before #transcode):

new camera1 broadcast loop enabled
setup camera1 input rtsp://USERNAME:PASSWORD@IP:PORT/COMMAND
setup camera1 output #transcode{vcodec=mjpg,vb=2500,scale=1.0,fps=10,acodec=none}:standard{access=http{mime="multipart/x-mixed-replace; boundary=7b3cc56e5f51db803f790dad720ed50a"},mux=mpjpeg,dst=:MJPGPORT/videostream.cgi}
control camera1 play

USERNAME: camera username (special characters must be url encoded)

PASSWORD: camera password (special characters must be url encoded)

IP: camera ip address or hostname

PORT: camera port (always provide this also if it's port 80)

COMMAND: ask your camera supplier or get it from here

MJPGPORT: for this example we set it to 8080, note that it's important to use a different port for each additionally configured camera (like 8081, 8082, ...) and remember to let this port through your computer's firewall

B. Save the vlm_conf.txt file, close ContaCam with File - Exit and then restart it 

C. In ContaCam's Capture - Network dialog enter: