This is the home of ContaCam and FreeVimager. ContaCam is a Video Surveillance software and Live Webcam solution for Windows. FreeVimager is an Image Viewer and Editor for Windows. The focus of our products is stability and reliability. We want that the offered software work well and do what's said.

The programs are highly optimized and written for Windows operating systems, there are no plans to port them to other systems or to mobile phones, but they work with Wine on Linux and with Wine on Mac.

The software are Donationware, it is requested to Donate Button $10 USD per installation to cover the costs of development.

ContaCam 9.9.15 H.264H.265


  • Software can be downloaded from here
  • CCTV security surveillance with motion detection recording
  • Supported are Webcams, WDM, DV devices and Network / IP cameras (streaming with RTSP / H.264 / H.265 or MJPEG)
  • Motion detection events presented as animated thumbnails in web browser, check the street demo and the home demo
  • Daily summary video creation option
  • Integrated web server with password protection


FreeVimager 9.9.15


  • Software can be downloaded from here
  • View and Edit graphics file of type: jpeg, bmp, gif (animated), tiff (multi-page), png (transparency), pcx and emf
  • View graphics file of type: heic, webp, avif and jxr
  • Save As Pdf command
  • Jpeg lossless rotate and crop
  • EXIF, IPTC and XMP support
  • Batch Processing