1. On a second computer (which can also be the first one if wishing to clone a stream) open ContaCam's Camera - Network / IP Camera dialog and under Camera IP or Hostname or URL enter the following URL:
    • Replace CONTACAM-PC1 with the host name or ip address of the first computer where ContaCam is running
    • Replace PORT with the HTTP Port set in ContaCam's Global Settings of CONTACAM-PC1
    • Replace CAMERA_NAME with the name of the camera you want to connect to
  2. If a higher frame rate is wanted set the Take each rate to Fast in Camera Advanced Settings of CONTACAM-PC1
  3. If a lower video resolution is wanted modify the above mentioned links to poll.php?thumb=yes or push.php?thumb=yes and set the wanted Thumbnail Size in Camera Advanced Settings of CONTACAM-PC1
  4. In case that the web server is protected with User name and Password, then http basic authentication is used for the poll.php and push.php access. If you prefer it's also possible to provide the credentials directly in the url like poll.php?username=USER&password=PW or push.php?username=USER&password=PW