Video encoders and multiple view cameras are supported by entering their URL in ContaCam's Camera - Network / IP Camera dialog.

  1. Please research the producer internet site to find your product's URL.
  2. It's important that each encoder source or camera view has its unique name which must differ from the default name, otherwise it will conflict with subsequent setup sources or views. The name is best chosen when ContaCam's Camera Basic Settings dialog pops-up the first time.


For example for Axis encoders or Axis multi view cameras the URLs are:




N is the camera source number of your video encoder or the camera view type.

Most Axis multi view cameras define a subset of the following view types:

camera=1 is the Overview (default value)
camera=2 is the Panorama
camera=3 is the Double Panorama
camera=4 is the Quad View
camera=5 is the View Area 1
camera=6 is the View Area 2
camera=7 is the View Area 3
camera=8 is the View Area 4 or the Digital Autotracking output