Print a frame with your Browser

In ContaCam's web interface find the wanted frame with the player's commands and press the Browser's print button.

Store a frame with Media Player Classic

  1. Download and install Media Player Classic - Home Cinema.
  2. Run Media Player Classic - Home Cinema by searching MPC-HC in Start Menu.
  3. Open your video through the File menu or dragging it into the player.
  4. Seek to the wanted frame with the slider, step frame by frame using CTRL + LEFT/RIGHT ARROW.
  5. Store the wanted frame with File - Save Image...

Store a frame with your video player

  1. Open the video file in your preferred player and seek to the wanted frame with the player controls.
  2. Press the Print Screen button of your keyboard.
  3. Paste into your graphics program (for example FreeVimager) and use the crop tool to cut out the wanted frame region.
Hint: if the Print Screen button is not available or not working use FreeVimager's Edit - Screenshot command.