• Start with Windows will run the program when a user logs in to Windows. Remember to setup your Windows to automatically login otherwise when starting the computer ContaCam will not run as log as the login screen is displayed.
  • Tray Icon option shows a little icon in the tray region and leaves the programm running when clicking the top-right closing cross button (to terminate ContaCam in Tray Icon mode use File - Exit).
  • Run as Service if useful to run ContaCam even if not logged in. In service mode if the program has not to be used often it's better to uncheck both Tray Icon and Start with Windows. To adjust the configurations in service mode, start the ContaCam program window, make the changes and close it (the service will immediately restart with the new settings). Note that administrator rights are necessary to install the service so that under Vista or higher a prompt may be shown. Blank passwords can be a problem for the service installation. There are two solutions:
    • Create a password for your account
    • Set LimitBlankPasswordUse to 0 under the following registry key:
  • Web Browser Autostart will automatically start your preferred web browser when you start ContaCam or when you login to Windows in case that Run as Service is enabled.
  • Always on Top can be useful when you want the ContaCam window be above all other windows.
  • Delay cameras autostart by the given amount of seconds will wait that amount before starting the configured cameras.

Network Cameras

  • Autostart a camera each given seconds will start one camera after the other waiting the given amount of seconds between the starts. Setting this to 1-5 seconds will avoid overloading your network (especially if you run the cameras over WIFI).
  • Connect to cameras with IPv6 will give priority to Host Name -> IPv6 resolution. If not checked IPv4 addresses have higher priority.

Parent Directory of all Cameras

This option is to change the cameras storage location. Setting a new path will move all your existing videos. Note that the storage location is only configurable globally for all cameras.

Note: because of web server constraints it's not possible to change the location for individual cameras. Advanced users can create junctions, symlinks or run a .bat file on movement detection to move/copy the video files to another place.

Web Interface

  • Enable Internal Web Server is usually checked. Advanced users can employ another web server supporting PHP by disabling this check box and correctly filling the Port field with the port configured for the used web server.
  • Port is usually set 80 if not used by another program (like Skype for example). If port 80 is already in use ContaCam sets it to 8800.
  • User Name and Password have to be filled if wishing a protected web interface. Note that individual cameras can also be secured, please read this.