Checking this box will start the current camera automatically when starting ContaCam.


  • Set Framerate is to change the number of frames per second. Higher rates will resut in smoother videos but will consume more memory and increase the CPU load. If this field is disabled, then it's necessary to set the framerate in the ip camera's web interface.
  • Effective Framerate is the true rate of frames reaching ContaCam, this value may differ from the above one in many circumstances: for example some USB cameras only support framerates at fixed steps or in the case of network cameras this value can oscillate if using a wireless connection or if the network or the computer are overloaded.
  • Process Frame Time shows the necessary milliseconds to process a frame. On faster computers this value is smaller.
  • Dropped frames should usually be 0. If this value increases over time then the USB bandwidth has been exhausted, try to plug your USB camera directly into the computer and not through a hub and try also to lower the camera framerate and/or resolution.
  • Rec Quality will impact the video appearance of the saved files. Higher qualities result in bigger files with better visual quality.
  • Rotate 180° can be enabled when the camera is placed upside down.
  • Minimum Font Size for Frame Time sets the frame time/date font size for the smallest video resolution. This size increases proportionally to the video resolution.
  • General Settings is enabled for capture cards and USB/DV cameras. It displays the camera specific general settings dialog.
  • Video Size & Format can be called to change the wanted video size, pixel format or compression. If this button is disabled, then it's necessary to set the video size in the ip camera's web interface.
  • TV Tuner opens the analog TV tuner dialog.
  • Video Input Select is used to choose the input of an analog video capture device.


  • Enable audio recording together with video.
  • Listen to hear the audio live.
  • Source can be pressed to select the sound card or a USB camera audio source.
  • Mixer button opens the Windows Mixer to regulate the levels of your audio source.

Continuous Recording

Continuous recording settings apply to manually started recordings (through Capture - Record or through the red dot toolbar button) or to recordings started by the below described schedulers. The settings listed in this section will NOT impact the motion detection recordings.

  • Start a new file each given amount of time is used to split the continuous recodings into multiple files.
  • Open file when done will start your favorite video player when done with the continuous recording.
  • Once Scheduler is used to setup a one time scheduler.
    Attention: scheduler will not start the recording if ContaCam is not running!
  • Daily Scheduler is used to record on a daily schedule.
    Attention: scheduler will not start the recording if ContaCam is not running!