Global motion detection switch can be adjusted on the bottom toolbar. The Detection information field shows the currently enabled mode(s):

  • Software motion detection is the commonly used mode (enabled if detection sensitivity is greater than 0).
  • Trigger File detection is usually enabled but rarely used (employed to attach an external PIR sensor).

Detection Parameters

  • Pre-buffer is to configure the amount of video data stored before a detection event.
  • Post-buffer is to configure the amount of video data stored after a detection event ends.
  • Detection Sensitivity has to be regulated by testing, a good start is 50: if too many false detections are saved lower that value, if some movements are missing increase it.
    Hint: enable the red rectangle button in the bottom toolbar to visually see where a detection happens.
  • Detection Zones Size is to adjust the rectangle sizes seen when enabling the zones designer through the blue rectangle button in the bottom toolbar. Choosing smaller zones permits a more precise selection but uses a greater amount of CPU.
    Hint: only use the Medium or the Small zones size when really necessary.

Detection Limits

  • Drop detections shorter than is handy to filter out short movements.
  • Split detections files longer than can be adjusted to split a detection sequence into multiple files and to limit the movement detection buffer size (default value is 1000 frames).

Detection Scheduling

Global motion detection switch must be enabled in the bottom toolbar.

  • Detection enabled: choose From when To when on the checked days the detections are to be enabled.
  • Detection disabled: choose From when To when on the checked days the detections are to be disabled.

For an example see the following document which explains how to enable the detections during non-working hours.

On Detection

Select the actions which should be taken in response to a movement event. Actions which involve video files will necessarily happen at the end of the detection event.

  • Save Full Video stores a full video sequence of the detection event in the format chosen under Storage of the Camera Basic Settings dialog.
  • Save Small Video stores a small summary of the detection event with the configured size.
  • Ftp Upload is for advanced users and will permit the storage of the detections on a FTP server.
    Attention: the user is responsible for the FTP server space as old detections are never deleted from it (the settings under Storage of the Camera Basic Settings dialog do not apply to the FTP server).
  • Execute Command is either performed when the detection event terminates or as soon as possible (when the detection filter says ok we have a detection).
    • Under Cmd provide the full path of an executable or a script.
    • Under Params fill the optional parameters.
    • Hide window of executed command can be checked if the window of the program has to be hidden, for example when calling a script file.
    • Only one instance of executed command makes sure that the program to be executed is not still running because of a previous detection event.

    Example: to play a sound on detection check this.

Avoid false detections

  1. Decrease Detection Sensitivity to 10-40.
  2. Increase Drop detections shorter than to 2-4 sec.
  3. With the Detection Zones designer (blue rectangle buttons in bottom toolbar) exclude zones or set zones relative sensitivities. For example if a relative sensitivity of 50 % is chosen from the context menu, then all clicked zones will have half the sensitivity of the configured Detection Sensitivity.

relative sensitivity