For a stable and reliable system there are two points which should be fulfilled. One is the recording speed which must be above 1.00x for all cameras and the second is the maximum frames count per recorded file which must be correctly dimensioned. If only one of those two points is not satisfied the system can drop frames.

If a computer is far below the ContaCam hardware specifications then only low video resolutions (640x480 or less) and framerates (5 fps or less) will work.

Note: the log.txt file opened with Settings - View Log File keeps track of all the possible problems.

1. Recording Speed

When a camera cannot real-time save then the REC speed pane flashes showing a value below 1.00x. The pane shows the currently slowest speed among all running cameras. Increase the recording speed employing one of the following methods:

  1. If available reduce the framerate under Camera Advanced Settings.
  2. For network cameras it should be possible to reduce the framerate in the camera web interface.
  3. If there is no way to reduce the framerate, then increase the Recording framerate divider under Camera Advanced Settings.
  4. If available reduce the video resolution with the Size & Format button under Camera Advanced Settings.
  5. For network cameras it should be possible to reduce the video resolution in the camera web interface.

After each adaptation restart ContaCam and test the recording speed anew by saving 10-15 sec of video.

2. Recording Buffers

When the REC buffers usage pane flashes then the max usage is above the size given by the Windows OS. To solve that follow these steps:

  1. If possible install more RAM.
  2. Do not disable the page file system. Best is if you leave the default which is a system managed page file.
  3. For each of your cameras reduce the Split longer than value under Camera Advanced Settings until the REC buffers usage pane stops flashing.