The installer has two uppercase switches for the unattended installation and there are command line parameters for file association and application closing:

  • /S for silent installation.
  • /D=C:\Program Files\My Installation Dir to set the installation path (no double quotes).
  • /jpg=1 /gif=1 to associate jpeg and gif files and /jpg=0 /gif=0 to unassociate them (see the supported file types under Settings - Global Settings).
  • /all=1 and /all=0 to associate/unassociate all supported file types.
  • /kill=1 forces the closure of the application before installing it (unsaved data are lost).

The uninstaller has one uppercase switch for the unattended uninstallation (the uninstaller always unassociates all file types):

  • /S for silent uninstallation.