Here are explained the ways to control ContaCam's recording state / sensitivity without the user interface. It is possible to live control ContaCam while it is running, but also when it is not running.

Note: as only a file inside the camera folder is used to communicate, it works also in service mode, even if not logged on into Windows.


This file controls the recording state / sensitivity, it is found under each camera folder and contains a value between 0 and 100 with the following meaning:


10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90: increasing motion detection sensitivity

100: continuous REC


This file is found under each camera folder and is used to write to CAMERA_REC_SENSITIVITY.txt by passing a value between 0 and 100 as parameter.

The typical application for this file is to change the recording state / sensitivity at certain moments. The Windows Task Scheduler is very flexible and can trigger that file whenever you want. Let's see how to setup a Basic Windows Task Scheduler entry to turn ON the motion recording with a sensitivity of 50 at 07:00.

1. Type "task scheduler" into the Windows search box and click the appearing entry

 01 task scheduler

2. Under the Actions window click Create Basic Task...

 02 task scheduler create basic task

3. Give a Name describing what it does

 03 task scheduler name

4. Select when to start the task

 04 task scheduler when

5. Set the time

 05 task scheduler time

6. Choose to start a program

 06 task scheduler start program

7. In ContaCam's Camera Advanced Settings dialog copy the control batch file path

 07 task scheduler copy

8. Paste the copied path into the Task Wizard

 08 task scheduler paste

9. As argument set the wished sensitivity

 09 task scheduler argument

10. Click Finish

 10 task scheduler finish

11. Repeat steps 2 to 10 to turn the recording OFF using an argument of 0 at another time

 11 task scheduler both

12. Optionally change the task entry to run also when not logged on into Windows

Double-click the listed task entries visible in step 11. to edit their settings. In General tab switch to "Run whether user is logged on or not" and confirm pressing OK. Now in the appearing dialog provide your credentials.

Note: this adaptation helps also hiding the command window that shows when the task gets executed by the scheduler.

 12 task scheduler not logged on


PIR Detector

Another application is to trigger a recording through an external PIR detector.

A. Start/stop PIR detector attached to the computer which on detection-start increases the sensitivity through the following command:

"C:\ContaCam\My Camera\CAMERA_REC_SENSITIVITY.bat" 100

and on detection-stop decreases it running the following command:

"C:\ContaCam\My Camera\CAMERA_REC_SENSITIVITY.bat" 0

B. Start only PIR detector attached to the computer which on detection executes the following .bat file:

@echo off
call "C:\ContaCam\My Camera\CAMERA_REC_SENSITIVITY.bat" 100
timeout /T 5
call "C:\ContaCam\My Camera\CAMERA_REC_SENSITIVITY.bat" 0

Note: adapt the timeout line according the wished length of the recording in seconds.