If a camera is capturing with ContaCam on COMPUTER1 it possible to connect to this camera from another ContaCam running on COMPUTER2.

Note: this second computer can also be the same computer so that we can use a single camera in two different modes or with two different settings.

  1. In ContaCam of COMPUTER2 open the Capture - Network / IP Camera dialog and under Address enter the following URL:
    • Replace COMPUTER1 with the host name or ip address of COMPUTER1
    • Replace PORT1 with the port set in ContaCam's Global Settings of COMPUTER1
    • Replace CAMERA_NAME with the name of the camera you want to connect to
  2. If a frame-rate greater than 1 fps is needed set Take a snapshot each in Camera Advanced Settings of COMPUTER1 to a value smaller than 1 sec
  3. If a lower resolution is wanted modify the above mentioned links to poll.php?thumb=yes or push.php?thumb=yes and set the wanted Thumbnail Size in Camera Advanced Settings of COMPUTER1