1. The installer already added an exception to your Windows Firewall. If you are using another firewall allow the web server port through your firewall.
  2. Port forward the web server port to the computer where ContaCam is installed. Enter the web interface (usually reachable from a browser through of your router / modem to configure that. Check the router / modem users manual for port forwarding and read this.
  3. With the following online tool make sure port forwarding is working.
  4. Now it's possible to reach the camera(s) from the internet through your public IP with http://a.b.c.d:port where a.b.c.d is your public IP (read your public IP here).
  5. If your public IP is dynamic (changing sometimes) you better subscribe to a free dynamic IP service like https://www.changeip.com and install their client software on your computer. After that's done it's possible to access the camera(s) from anywhere through http://yourregisteredname.no-ip.org:port.

Note: get the web server port number from ContaCam's Global Settings dialog.