ContaCam supports the following devices:

  1. Network / IP Cameras from 4XEM, 7Links, A-Link, ABS, ABUS, Acromedia, ACTi, Activa, Active, Agasio, AirLink, AirLive, ALinking, Allnet, Amcrest, Apexis, Appro, Arecont Vision, Asante, ASIP, Asoni, Aviosys, Aviptek, AVS, Axis, Aztech, Beward, BiQu, BluePix, BlueStork, Bosch, Bowya, BSTI, BVUSA, Canon, Celius, Cellvision, Cisco, Clas, CNB, Compro, Conceptronic, ConnectionNC, corega, cowKey, CVLM, D-Link, Dahua, Defender, Dericam, Digi-Lan, Digicom, Digitus, Digoo, EasyN, EasySE, Edimax, Elro, Eminent, EMSTONE, Encore, Eneo, ENSIDIO, Escam, EyeSight, Eyseo, EZCam, FalconEye, Fitivision, Floureon, Foscam, GadSpot, Gembird, Genius, GeoVision, GKB, Goscam, Grand, Grandtec, Hama, Hamlet, Hawking, HDL, Heden, Hesavision, HiKam, Hikvision, HooToo, Hungtek, Hunt, ICam, iCam+, Imogen, INSTAR, Intellinet, INVID, IPUX, IP Webcam (Pro) for Android, JideTech, JVC, KARE, Kucam, LevelOne, LinkPro, Linksys, Loftek, LogiLink, Logitech, LongShine, Lorex, LTS, Lupus, Marmitek, Maygion, Merit, MESSOA, Micronet, Mobotix, Monacor, MonoPrice, Moxa, NetComm, NetMedia, NeuFusion, NexGadget, Nilox, NorthQ, NuSpectra, Orite, Ovislink, Panasonic, Piczel, Pixord, Planet, Planex, PROCCTV, QNAP, Quimz, Reolink, Repotec, Rimax, Rosewill, Samsung, Savitmicro, Security, Sercomm, Sertek, Seteye, Sharx, Sitecom, Skyway Security, Smarthome, SmartIndustry, Solwise, Sony, Sparklan, Speco, Sricam, Stardot, Storage Options, Sumpple, Surecom, SVAT, Swann, Sweex, TCLINK, TELCA, Telefonica, Tenvis, Topcom, Topica, Toshiba, TP-Link, TrendNet, Trendware, Trust, TSM, Ubiquiti, Uokoo, Veo, Veo/Vidi, VISIONxIP, Vivotek, Vonnic, VStarCam, Wanscam, Wansview, Well, WowWee, Wyze, X10, Xenta, Xiaomi, XTS, Yawcam, Y-cam, Yoko, Zavio, Zmodo, Zonet, ZyXEL.
  2. USB webcams with Windows drivers (WDM drivers).
  3. DV cameras on the firewire port.
  4. PCI, PCIe and USB capture devices with Windows drivers (WDM drivers).

Attention: some cheap network cloud camera producers are limiting / binding their products to their own software, that's because they want to sell a cloud subscription which finances the cheaply sold camera hardware. Before buying such a camera, ask the reseller whether third party software are supported through the RTSP protocol.