You go to holiday, you are happy and you start shooting pictures; after some days you notice that you forgot to set the correct time. If that disturbs you follow these steps to offset the time of your jpeg or tiff files by a constant amount of days, hours, minutes or seconds (with no loss of image quality):

  • Start FreeVimager.
  • Choose File - Batch Processing...
  • As input select your picture's folder or choose the files you want to modify by adding them to the list.
  • As output set a different directory (if you choose the same location the files are overwritten, it's dangerous to do so if you do not have a backup copy of your pictures).
  • Disable Rename if you want to keep the original file names.
  • Enable Conversion: check Advanced Settings, check Date Taken Shift and set the wanted value.
  • Under the Shrink tab make sure that Enable Image Size Shrinking is not checked.
  • Press the Start button.

Now you can verify the time of the processed pictures in the File Info dialog, if everything is as you want you can delete the input pictures.

date taken shift