In case you plan to use more than one camera per computer remember the following:

  1. Network cameras (wired or wireless) are the best choice, no known problems using many of them.
  2. Some old USB webcams or PCI capture cards must be of different model or have a different chipset otherwise Windows gets in trouble (this is a driver issue and NOT a ContaCam BUG, convince yourself trying them with any other Windows capture program). Newer ones have matured their drivers and work well together.
  3. Many cheap 4 input capture devices (like PICO 2000 or EasyCap) have just one chipset so that only one input at the time is truly digitalized. Some applications do "fast" software switching between the inputs giving the illusion of having 4 simultaneous inputs; ContaCam is not supporting such an unreliable approach.
  4. Multiple capture cards with Bt848, Bt849, Bt878 or Bt879 chipset used together with the free 32 bit WDM Video Capture Driver are well supported.